April 15 2020
Make This Chic Grocery Store Cake Hack For Your Next Party


We’re not the baking type in any shape or form, so when we’re in a pinch for a last minute cake, our secret is our local grocery store. You can dress up a cake a thousand ways, but we love how this chic grocery store cake hack can be made in a jiffy. So with a pretty floral bunch from Afloral in our hands and our favorite cake stand from BHLDN, we decorated a picture-ready cake for a bridal shower or party fit for a garden soiree:



All photos by Brooklyn photographer Clarence Chan.



For this project, you will need:

Flowers we used:




Start by gathering together a few flowers to create a small arrangement. Repeat until you’ve gathered a few different bunches you like.

Use floral tape around the stems to keep the bunches in place. Use wire cutters to trim down the flower bunch stems, if needed.



Stack the larger of the two cake plates on top of the smaller one.

Begin placing the silk flower arrangements on top of the smaller cake plate, and continue around the entire cake plate until everything looks lush and full with no empty gaps.



Place a few more bunches and/or single flowers on top of the cake for added visual interest.



Credit : Ruffled Wedding 





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